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It is our goal to always provide the best environment and resources for whatever it is you want to do. In addition we provide expertise to back it up at and a competitive price.

Guildford and Reading offer similar high quality services shown below. Click here for pricing details.

We offer high quality black and white and colour printing from all PCs.

We will happily scan in documents, photographs, etc and turn them into electronic documents.

Ask our staff to fax documents to wherever you want them. We also provide a facility to receive faxes if you are unable to.

We can create CDs for you - store up to 640mb or 74 mins audio on one CD!

By using a ground-breaking internet call-back system, we can offer cheap phone calls from right here in the cafe. Latest rates are posted in the cafe.

Our staff will help with any technical problems, or can type CV's etc. Just ask - we'll be happy to help.

Hardware and Software Specifications :
Guildford Cafe
Guildford Gameszone
Reading (Coming Soon)

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