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Welcome ...

It's simple really - we're a small chain of privately owned internet cafes in Reading and Guildford town centres. We've been around since 1996 which actually means we're the longest established internet cafes in the UK. We're also a bit different from any other cafe you may have been to ...

Apart from always having a clean, bright and professional environment for our customers to work and play, we've always prided ourselves on one thing:

you can use our computers as if they are your own.

But what does that mean exactly? Well, when you're using your home PC are there any limitations on what software you want to install? what USB devices or media you want to use? What attachments you want to download? Hell, are there any limitations on what resolution you want to set the monitor to? No? Same with us. If you've used an internet cafe before you'll know these are things you're not usually allowed to do. If you haven't, you might be forgiven for thinking these things should be standard. We agree with you, and at Quarks, it's simply what we do.

Every PC already has all the full versions of software you'd expect to use everyday, but each cafe is fully equipped with all sorts of related services that our customers have told us over the years they'd like to see. So, whatever you need, we can usually help. Use the menu on the left to find the information you need. If you're looking for something we haven't included, you can call us using the details on the contact page or contact us here

We look forward to seeing you there!

Quarks is owned by the Birchmead Partnership LLP, Company number OC344781
Registered office:
6 - 7 Ludgate Square