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Welcome to my Internet site, I hope you have a good time here

"Greetings mortal"
"I am Raiden master of thunder and lighting"

FrankHere is a bit more about my earthly form Frank
Carter USM

Info on Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Alanis Morrisette

A great female rock singer
The Prodigy

The prodigy, masters of techno
Apollo 440

a industrial techno mob

A local Portishead sound alike, now sadly defunct
no wave
No Wave

The Indie Music society of which I am a member
The wonderwall

A great page which has loads of indie links

The best music store of all time

GBNA guide to Guildford by night
A guide to a Live Role Playing game I play, Vampire the Masquerade
jyhadA guide to the Jyhad card game
A guide to the collectable card game, vampire the eternal struggle
marriageA guide to marriage
Marriage as seen by children
movieMovie observations
The things that are always seen in movies
jokesThe pentium
A few questions and answers about the pentium processer
oneSome jokes
Some one line jokes

Serious stuff
cvMy C.V.
Find out more about me, the plain text version
trinomeTrinome Communications
The people I work for
mcsMathematical and Computing Sciences
My department
SurreyUniversity Of Surrey
My university

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My real name is Francesco Fraulo and I am a student at the University Of Surrey and can be contacted at the following email address