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     In the News...

Over the last few years Quarks has appeared many times in national and local press either in articles specifically about the cafes or as key contributors to news issues. Here's some recent appearances on radio, television and press.

We do not include all articles or releases on these pages, only the most interesting, although the others can be made available on request. If you are a member of the Press and would like specific information that isn't listed on this web site, please click here to get in touch with The Birchmead Partnership.

Jason Deane, one of the owners of Quarks, was interviewed at Quarks, Guildford for Radio 4's "Shop Talk" programme on the changing use of the internet and internet cafes. Also featured are some of our young gamers!

Click here to hear the interview (approx 5 minutes). First broadcast 4th October 1999.

Jason was again interviewed at Quarks, Guildford, as part of a news article about a Hotmail security issue. Watch out for a oscar winning performance by our very own Jonny! First Broadcast Sep 1999.
Click here to watch the article (approx 3 minutes)
Click here if you need to install windows avi player

Quarks appeared in The Times in early 1999 in a dedicated article about the café. Tim, the Manager, spent the day working in the café with one of the Times reporters just so he could get a good understanding of how it works. See how he got on in the sometimes hectic environment at Quarks. (Note: This was before the café was refurbished and in the days when there were only 5 PCs - how things have changed!)

Click here to read the Times article.
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