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Welcome! We've been around nearly 12 years and in that time our customers have taught us ...click for more


It's simple really - we're a small chain of privately owned internet cafes in Reading, Guildford and...click for more


Guildford Contact Details

Quarks Internet Cafe
7 Jeffries Passage
G...click for more

Facilities, Services & Prices

Quarks offers a wide range of services in each of its stores, many of which have been bought...click for more

PC Repair

Is your PC giving you grief? Does it crash unexpectedly, run slow, keep giving you pop ups o...click for more

Stuff for Sale

Each branch of Quarks holds a wide range of computing essentials and few little luxuries. St...click for more

Corporate Hire

Over the years, Quarks has hosted literally hundreds of corporate events, including market research,...click for more

Advertising in Quarks

****UPDATE JULY 14TH 2008****

Every 12-18 months Quarks updates its active d...click for more

Private Hire

***If you're looking for coporate (business) hire please click for more

Discount Schemes

Our standard tariffs in the branches are based around paying for what you need. You don't ne...click for more

Latest News

DHL Service Point now in Richmond

We're pleased to announce that Quarks has teamed up with DHL (y'know, those parcel delivery guys) to provide a high street location from whi ...click for the whole story!

Major Refurbishment - Reading

All those late nights are over, the newly furbished downstairs area at Reading is open! 5 extra PCs on the ground floor for those of you who ...click for the whole story!

The Big Sale!

It's time for one of our famous sell offs! We'll be clearing out our storage facility on Saturday 29th March at Quarks, Richmond, from 9am f ...click for the whole story!

Quarks open over Easter as usual

Yes, we're open as usual over Easter, there's some slight variations in the hours, but we'll be there should you need us. This is a great ti ...click for the whole story!

Games PC Upgrades - Reading

We're very happy to announce that the PC upgrade program has also come to Reading! 10 brand new and seriously high spec games machines have ...click for the whole story!

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Quarks Ltd, 11 Birchmead, Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TW