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Do you remember the adventure game? BBC1 Saturday mornings and later on BBC2 Thursdays at about 6.30, 1980-1982? If you do then at least these pages were worth writing.

The Adventure Game was a cult sci-fi/celebrity game show where two brave celebrities and a member of the public would travel to a small red planet far away, called Arg, and face a series of cunningly devised puzzles.

The show was similar to Channel 4's 'The Crystal Maze' in the sense that the more puzzles solved granted higher rewards for the intrepid team. It had some memorable characters throughout the series (contradictarily, I've forgotten most of their names - I was only eight at the time)

These pages cover most of the later series, features from the earlier series out of the four that were made have been noted.

Some of the contestants included : Noel Edmonds, John Craven, Tom Baker, Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake's 7), and Graeme Garden (Goodies).

In the later series, the opening titles to the show featured the episode's adventurers playing a kind of lunar lander game (played on a BBC Micro, naturally, as was the maze game), which would always culminate with them making some last minute error and crashing the shuttle/spacecraft.

The show's creator/producer was Patrick Dowling and was filmed at BBC's Pebble Mill Studios.

The amount of information on the Adventure Game has soared since first publication. For ease of use, the main categories have been divided into separate pages

The Series Air-times.

The Cast.

The Puzzles.

Other Information.

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