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Discount Schemes

Our standard tariffs in the branches are based around paying for what you need. You don't need to try and calculate how long you're going to be - there's no annoying timer software - you simply sign in, and pay when you've finished. You only pay for the time you actually use. However, if you're in regularly (eg each day or week), semi regularly (eg a couple of times a month) or do long sessions in one go, we recommend you use one of the discount schemes to get the best value for money

The Discount Card

These can be purchased either at the beginning of your session, or at the end retrospectively if you find you've been longer than you think!

Simply give us a tenner and we'll give you a card with four hours on. We'll mark the time off as you use it. No restrictions. No expiry date and the minimum charge of 1.00 is waived (although we'll mark off your time) Savings depend on how you use the card, but minimum is 2.00, maximum is 6.00 (In Guildford the minumum is 6.00, the maximum is 10.00)

These cards are ideal for semi regular users, or people who do frequent short visits. There are conditions on their use based around refunds and card sharing, but these are clearly explained on the back of the card

The 3-for-2 Deal


Originally introduced in Summer 2006 as a short term promotion, they have been so popular they're now permanent!

Give us twenty quid, and we'll give you two discount cards and another one FREE! They carry exactly the same terms as the single card above, but the savings are significantly greater, with a minimum of 6.00 and a maximum of 16.00. Basically, you're looking at around 1.66 an hour.

Ideal for frequent or heavy users and gamers.

These cards are often purchased as presents for friends and family - just tell us if you want to issue the card in someone else's name!

The Gold Card

For very regular, high use customers, this is a great way forward. Simply give us 15 and we'll issue you a laminated Gold Card that can be used in any branch. This will buy you a month from date of purchase to use our internet at half price in any quantity. In Richmond, you can use the express machines for free, if you are a Gold Card holder, for any length of time you wish. Alternatively, a one off fee of 100 will buy you a life time Gold Membership.

There are conditions with this card, so check it's appropriate for you before you buy. They are:

  • Cards cannot be refunded once purchased
  • Cards can only be used by the cardholder. Proof may be requested
  • Cards MUST be produced on payment. No Card, no discount
  • Lost cards CANNOT be replaced. Please look after them!

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