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PC Repair

Is your PC giving you grief? Does it crash unexpectedly, run slow, keep giving you pop ups or seem to have a mind of it's own? With years of PC experience, Quarks can help! You can book in your laptop or PC at any branch for a service, repair or simply a stern talking to. We'll show it who's boss!

We all experience problems with our PCs from time to time. Most problems are created by some form of software corruption, whether deliberate or accidental, and this is our area of expertise. After all, over the years we have kept several hundred PCs running at peak performance at all times in our cafes

How does it work?

You will need to drop in your laptop (with power supply) or your PC CPU (not the monitor, keyboard or mouse) and leave it with us for a maximum of a week for the initial examination and, in most cases, full repair. Usually, turnaround is much quicker. Don't worry - we'll take care of it and give you a receipt. You'll also need to complete some paperwork agreeing to our terms and conditions. We absolutely recommend that you back up all your data before you come in as we cannot be held responsible for data loss should the machine be irrecoverable on boot up.

What will we do?

In all cases, whether there is a specific known fault, or a suspected one, we will run a very low level test program that we have developed in house over the last few years. These are tools that we use on our own PCs and are extremely sensitive. This batch of programmes will test every hardware component and the software integrity of the machine as a whole, without affecting your data.

What happens then?

We'll call you and let you know the results. If there is specific additional work that needs to be carried out we'll advise how much it costs before we proceed. Of course, you're welcome to manage this work yourself armed with the results of the tests

What else do I need to know?

That's pretty much it, but remember we only stick to things we're good at. We won't repair Macs or units that are running anything other than Windows 95, 98, ME, XP or Vista. We are software specialists and, whilst we're happy to look at hardware problems as part of the Health Check service, we can't guarantee to repair failed hardware components. Sorry.

What's the next step?

Just come in to your local branch with your machines, book it in with a description of the problem, pay the initial fee and we'll do the rest. Don't forget, we'll call you and keep you up to date



We insist this is done in all cases - even if you think you know what the fault is. This is payable in advance when you drop off your machine. This includes low level hardware component tests of CPU and memory, including soak tests. We'll run virus and spyware checkers, removing where necessary, clean the disk, check for operating system updates and run a defragmentation program. In most cases, this will solve the problems.


Our special after sales prevention service will ensure your machine doesn't suffer the same fate again by installing the latest public domain software, including antispyware and antivirus as well as automatic operating system updates.

ADDITONAL WORK 40+VAT per hour, pro rata charge

Should anything else be required, such as complex virus removal, operating system corruption repairs, or, in extreme cases, a total rebuild, we'll charge you by the time it takes. Don't worry, we'll call you first to get your OK.

This service is available at all branches, just drop in and we'll see you there!

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