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Facilities, Services & Prices

Quarks offers a wide range of services in each of its stores, many of which have been bought in as a result of customer feedback.

Business and General PC Use

PCs are available, without the need to book in advance, all day at each branch. Our basic rate at Richmond and Reading is 3.00 per hour (5 in Guildford), although you only pay for the time you use. So, if you're less than an hour, it'll be less than 3.00. There is a minimum charge of 1.00. There are also a number of discount schemes available for regular, semi regular or long session users, click here for details.

Here's what's available:

  • Use the computer as if it's your own
  • Full versions of Microsoft Office and all compatability patches and updates
  • Access to floppy, CD, DVD, Media Cards (not yet at all branches) and USB devices
  • Skype - all PCs have headsets.
  • Yahoo and MSN Messenger, video conferencing with our installed webcams
  • Piece of mind - all PCs are clean, carry the latest builds and are secure
  • Unrestricted net access, unlimited up and downloads, even to our hard disks
  • Training software (from Excel to Driving Test and Job Interviews to Learning a Language) all installed and ready to go
  • Colour and black and white printing at your fingertips!

Gaming and Leisure Use

The same price structure applies to Gaming as above, and in some stores the games PCs are in their own games zone to allow you to make as much noise as you like! There are also a number of discount schemes available for regular, semi regular or long session users, click here for details.

Here's what's available:

  • All the latest STEAM games including CS, DOD, HL2 etc etc
  • Chart topping FPS titles such as Battlefield 1942, all the mods, BF2, BFV and UT
  • Role playing essentials such as World of Warcraft
  • A big collection of classics such as AOEII, Red Alert, Aliens Vs Predator, Halo etc
  • Online poker games such as PartyPoker.com (vouchers available over the conter in store)
  • Games change and update all the time, so the forums are the place to keep up to date or ask a question. There are literally hundreds of 'em

Other Essential Services

Where do we start? Try these (in alpabetical order):

  • CALL CENTRE (Richmond only) - Prices vary with destination
  • CD BURNING - 5.00 per burn (3.50 with own CD)
  • DVD TRANSFERS - From cine, video and obsolete formats. Details in store
  • FAXING - 1.00 page national, 0.50 each additional page
  • FAXING - 1.50 page international, 0.75 each additional page
  • INTERNATIONAL CALLING CARDS - all major players in stock at all times
  • LAPTOP ACCESS - Wired (from 5 day) and Wireless (prices)
  • MOBILE TOP UP - Electronic and voucher
  • PC REPAIR - Click Here for details
  • PRINTING, COLOUR - 40p a page for first 10 pages, then 20p a page
  • PRINTING, BLACK & WHITE - 20p a page for first 10 pages, then 10p a page
  • SCANNING - 1.00 per scan

But wait, there's more ...!

All Quarks branches stock a wide range of leads, cables, USB devices, web cams, sound systems etc. Click Here for details

And finally ...

We'll wait on you! Yes, really! Order from a wide range of normal or herbal teas, coffees, snacks and confectionery and we'll bring it to your PC!

And if you're in Reading, well, why not have a beer or two, or order from our wide range of baguettes, pizzas and burgers, all made freshly on the premises to your specification.

See you there!

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